We responded to tree service call this morning. The home owner was concerned about a creaking noise coming from their Plum tree in the front yard. The tree limb in question was suspended above a telephone overhead service line. We could see at the base of the tree severe rot and cracks and even movement as the wind blew. Proactively addressing a problem like this can save hours of service interruption and prevent someone from getting seriously hurt. We were in and out in just an hour. The core of this limb was very spongy and cracked up several feet from the base. It was only a matter of time before it toppled down.

Now that the leaves and even fruit are emerging, the wind resistance and weight on older limbs will for sure threaten the structural integrity left in our older trees. Don’t leave it to chance! Call us or drop us a note to come check it out.  If you have a suspect tree, call us to come out and take a look. It might be something we can take care of for way less than if you were to wait and the problem tree be more  costly in damages or even injury.