Clean gutters

Clean gutters around your home, shop and sheds perform 2 really important tasks. When gutters are clean, they deny sparks from area fires the fuel they need to grow into something more catastrophic. Secondly, their primary purpose and is they function as “plumbing” to remove water from your roofs.  Clogged gutters prevent water from draining  off and away from your home. Roofs can collect a large amount of water quickly. Your gutters should always be clean and free from obstructions. Debris like pine needles, dead leaves, even grass create the perfect tinder for wayward sparks blowing in from area wild-land fires. This year, there are already many fires. Let’s be proactive and get your gutters and roofs free from debris and help protect your home.

Please give us a call to come inspect and clean your gutters. Let’s get your property in tip-top shape before this fire season gets out of hand and before the rain and snow starts falling again.